Auctorem was founded by the collaboration between Korean businessmen and legal professionals with the business interest

Auctorem's beginnings were made by two South Korean businessmen, experienced in the business industry both in South Korea and Thailand. Management experienced in world-class companies, but both often encountered importing, customer clearance, transportation, and legal problems to import products to sell in Thailand. It was complicated and varied from country to country. Therefore, the Thai legal and intellectual property expert advisor has knowledge and understanding in the business field.

It is the origin of the concept of providing the one-stop Business Solution (One-Stop Service) that has been designed from the experience, knowledge, and expertise of the three founders. To help investors and business people who want to do business in Thailand, South Korea, and other countries in business administration, to support various operations from starting a business through import-export, registration, permission, and transportation of the good. Simplify resulting from complex legal procedures and processes and respond to today's business dynamics according to the intentions of the three founders that…

“ We manage your logistics,
so you can manage your business”
Let us help you deal
with the rest of the
hassle in your business..