Visa, Work Permits, Application to stay in Thailand

We have expertise and experience in supporting business partners and foreign customers in traveling to Thailand and working in the country legally in various processes as follows:

  • Legal and immigration regulations advice, provide types of visas suitable for doing business and each type of transaction period of stay and obtaining permission to work in Thailand
  • Provide advice on the employment of foreigners and provide support (Sponsor) to foreign employees
  • Consultation and legal advice on important issues under labor law such as termination of employment, compensation, temporary business interruption, relocation of establishment, holidays, leave, overtime, and working on holidays
  • Facilitate the preparation of documents related to visas and work permits
  • Applying for the change of visa type or renewing the visa and work permit
  • Applying for Temporary Work Permit application in case of urgent need
  • Applying for a visa at an immigration checkpoint in the Kingdom (Visa on Arrival)
  • Assisting, coordinating and giving advice to foreigners in document preparation and applying for a permit in case of wanting to stay in the Kingdom for various purposes such as education, medical services, retirement and permanent residence, including Thai citizenship, etc. )