The beginning of the professional business

Consultation on creating your brand of all-in-one product. From product concept creation, product formulation production, and packaging design, expanding customers domestically and internationally, and Import-export of goods for sale. Provide the warehouse and inventory management, transporting and distributing products to your customer's stores locally and abroad.

Business and International Trade

Auctorem provides consulting services for entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Thailand or abroad in various aspects, starting from an overview of the target country's economic, social conditions, and economic growth trends as a guide for considering starting your business.

Auctorem also provides personalized branding services that are unique to your business. We have a team of professionals and experience in the business industry, marketing, and sales, including specialists to help you create product ideas, product formulation, manufacturing and packaging design, and marketing for distribution both domestically and internationally.

Auctorem will also help you expand your customer base overseas and help manage the import of goods from abroad to be sold in Thailand, including providing business and legal consulting services related.

Auctorem also provides transportation and distribution services to your stores or customers in the country and abroad, import-export, and Warehouse and Inventory Management.