Auctorem and Studio Zoom were honored to be the organizer of the K Carnival (Choreography Workshop)  event in May 2020 with support from Maven Stylish Hotel, Creative Industries, Priw Studio, Aqua+ Series, The Other Room Restaurant&Bar, Asia Herb Association, Singha Drinking Water, Carnival, Korean Crispy Restaurant, and Super lighting System

The K Carnival event provided an opportunity for people who love K-Pop artists and music lovers and are obsessed with K-Pop dancing style, participate in activities to learn and practice dance from South Korean choreographers such as Mihawk, Kasper, Bo Park, and Woo Tae, Girin. The person behind the choreography for a record label and leading artists in South Korea such as SM Entertainment Artists, BOA, TVXQ, Super Junior, EXO, SNSD, Shinee, Red Vevet, and N

Auctorem team designed the event format and coordinated with artists and agencies to manage activities ticket sales caring for artists, choreographers and fans including marketing and publicizing activities through media in various channels to reach target consumers. However, with the concept of arranging activities that are not just general dance courses together with excellent marketing planning by the Auctorem professional team. for this reason, the K Carnival event has been highly received by fans of K-Pop artists in Thailand, until the organizers need to increase the activity cycle to meet the needs of the participants