Starting a Business in Thailand and Obtaining Related Licenses

We have knowledge, expertise, and experience in providing advice to Thai and foreign entrepreneurs and investors with investment plans and doing business in Thailand, as well as providing advice on business operations and related laws on the important issues and benefits to your business in Thailand in matters as follows:

  • Relevant laws and regulations and suitable business type for business organization
  • Shareholder ratio, number of committees  as required by law that specifies Benefits and Liability of Shareholders and Directors
  • Registration of business organization, VAT registration,  Registration of employers and employees with the Social Security Office
  • Qualifications and legal requirements, various types of permits or licenses as required by law for each type of business
  • Performing legal duties as the Company's secretary as follows:
         - Organizing Board Meetings
         - Organizing a shareholders' meeting
         - Meeting preparation
  • Filing of financial statements and annual list of shareholders to the Department of Business Development and document preparation for registration of changes related to the Company's business operations, such as changes in registered capital, objectives, directors, shareholders
  • Applying for a business license of a foreigner or investment promotion
  • Opening a bank account and connecting the Company's financial and payment systems to the bank
  • Registration of dissolution and completion of liquidation
  • Advising on the performance of legal duties after registration or getting the license