Business operations and related laws

Auctorem provides legal consulting services to both Thai and foreign entrepreneurs and investors in the business and the law, rules, or regulations related to doing business in Thailand in every industry for you to do business in Thailand legally Smooth and efficient.

Auctorem is trusted by small, medium-sized, and multinational corporations globally to consult and supervise their business and legal matters.

Auctorem's business and legal consulting team are knowledgeable, expert, and experienced in business and legal consulting.We understand the needs of business operators and the nature of business in each industry with different characteristics, especially technology business, transportation, food, medicine, cosmetics and medical equipment.

We also have a deep understanding of government policies and regulations that can affect doing business in Thailand.

Business and legal consulting services

Starting a Business in Thailand and Obtaining Related Licenses
We have knowledge, expertise, and experience in providing advice to Thai and foreign entrepreneurs and investors with investment plans and doing business in Thailand.
Customs Clearance
Auctorem specializes in customs clearance for import and export of goods.
Transportation and Logistics
Auctorem is providing legal advice to logistics business operators such as regulations and qualifications and helps entrepreneurs and investors to apply for various related licenses for business operators.
Consumer Protection Law on direct selling business and direct marketing
We have knowledge, expertise, and experience in providing advice to Thai and foreign entrepreneurs about consumer protection laws on direct selling business and direct marketing.
Tax Law and Tax Planning
We have the consultant team available to provide advice on tax law and tax planning for your business in areas.
Our experience and achievement in E-Commerce give us the expertise and ability to advise entrepreneurs who want to operate electronic commerce or online business in various fields.
Intellectual Property Service and Registration of various types of products
Auctorem specializes in intellectual property management and consulting services in areas.
Visa, Work Permits, Application to stay in Thailand
We have expertise and experience in supporting business partners and foreign customers in traveling to Thailand and working in the country legally in various processes.
Labor Law and Labor Relations
We are experts in consulting and advice on labor law and labor relations by the team of lawyers who have the knowledgeability for advice and assistance in all concerns for professional entrepreneurs.
General Commercial Law
We are providing legal advice and opinions about the business and commerce, including various types of contract drafting services.
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Auctorem has a team of lawyers and has high expertise in supporting business operators in litigation and dispute resolution.