Freight forwarding and Warehouse Management

Auctorem Group provides various types of freight forwarding services. We have cooperated with leading business partners to provide both domestic and international freight forwarding services and support your business conditions, contracts, agreements for international delivery of goods (INCOTERMS).

Moreover, our company includes a warehouse management system that is operated by specialists and modern computer systems. We also handle the quantity of products and characteristics of your business with high potential.

Transportation Service and Warehousing Storage Management

Air freight
Auctorem Group is ready to support your business requirement such as to rapidly transport a high value goods with our well-care service. So, air freight is the best choice for you.
Sea freight
Auctorem Group is ready to support your requirement not only a large amount product but also a large weight item.
Warehouse Storage System Services
If you are searching for a warehouse, not just an ordinary warehouse, let us help you take care of your products with aA warehouse management system (WMS) which consists of software and processes that allow organizations to control and administer warehouse operations from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse until the moment they move out.
Domestic freight forwarding
Auctorem Group, we cooperate with the best leading delivery express company in Thailand along with the service that covers every area in our country.
Customer Service Center
Auctorem provides services for setting up and operating customer service department to contact, coordinate, answer inquiries, receive complaints from your customers.
Pick-Up Center Service
Auctorem provides the Pick-Up Center that will be comfortable and satisfied for all customers who desired to pick their products by themselves and can also be another channel for delivery.
EMS Center Service
Auctorem has EMS Center Service to delivering your orders in all areas of Thailand with leading transportation companies.